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The collection consists of mainly middle class and church textiles (stoles, chasubles, chasuble, etc.), mining and Sokol costumes, uniforms, further collection vexillology (flags, banners, flags, standards and ribbons) various associations, businesses and schools. The collection also clothing and home accessories, such as hats, caps, shoes, lingerie, bedspreads, curtains, etc. There are also tapestries and carpets (mostly Oriental).


size: l - 112 cm, w waist - 37 cm
date: 1988
Girls dress, material pink tulle with silver embroidery.
Purchased from the salon of Mrs. Marta Michalová, dress was sewn to order, to dance lessons.



size: l skirt - 95 cm, l jacket - 59 cm
date: after 1885
Two-piece dress of light tan satin with small floral pattern. Skirt lined with white organtýnem (type screen) and the bottom brown kloth (lining), which is also lined jacket.
Old museum property.


Drape the ciborium

size: l - 29 cm, w - 19 cm
date: half of the 19th century
Drape the ciborium (container similar cup) of white satin, hand-painted - Baby Jesus, dracounová (fine wire) braid Handmade Bobbin Lace.
Purchased from Mr. John Wojnar from Vendryně (Roman Catholic parish).


Ornata (cloth outer robe)

size: l - 115 cm, w - 72 cm
date: 2. half of the 20th century
Chasuble Gothic style in V, black flowered brocade (heavy, richly patterned fabric, usually with shimmering threads). Purchased from Mr. John Wojnar from Vendryně (Roman Catholic parish).



size: l - 13 cm, w - 12 cm
date: about 1850
Baby fine knit cap, decorated with pearls (beads). Old museum property.



size: l - 66 cm
date: 1890
Children's jacket with striped half-mantle of wool. Old museum property.



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