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Subcollection militaria comprise about 600 items. Subcollection includes a collection of items 15th - 20th century. Most objects were made in Europe, particularly in Central Europe. Non-European origin is part of oriental weapons and several firearms manufactured in the USA.

Most of the collection items can be divided into sub-collections firearms and cool weapons.  


Military firearms are mainly of weapons that were introduced into the arms of the Habsburg army (eg weapons of Lorenz systems Wänzel rifles, Werndl, Mannlicher). Other military weapons should be advised Spencer carbine. Spencer carbines were among the most popular weapons in the American Civil War (1861-1865) and in this conflict were the most widespread repeaters. Hunting weapons are mainly represented by some splendid percussion rifles, two of which stands out with percussion locks from Prague Gunsmith Anthony Vincent Lebeda, made ​​around 1840. Subcollection are also part of target rifle, among whose producers can also be found in Moravian Ostrava Gunsmith Gustav Pacific and Ad. Huwara. Oriental firearms are mostly Catalan (Spanish) lock and are characterized by their typical decorations

Cold weapons

Most of cold weapon of  subcollection was manufactured in the 19th - 20 century. The most valuable weapon is rapier from the 16 century, made ​​in Toledo, which at that time belonged to the famous places of manufacture cold weapons. Among the very rare collection items can also include hussar saber from 18th century. Part of cool weapons (swords, bayonets) were in service with the army of the Habsburg monarchy. In a minority of one can find cool weapons of armies of other European states. The most represented cool weapons include knives and daggers. Subcollection also includes hunting swords, several of which are richly decorated. Beauty of their decorations attract cool weapons of Orient.

Subcollection militaria is also formed by containers for gunpowder, helmets, cuirasses, and other collection items.

Percussion shotgun - two
Perkusní brokovnice – dvojka 

Antonín Vincenc Lebeda, Prague, Bohemia, around 1840
caliber 16,5 mm


Spencer Repeating Carbine

Spencer Repeating Rifle Co., Boston, USA, 1863 - 1865
caliber 52


Hussar saber "FRINGIA"
Šavle husarská “FRINGIA“

 Hungaria, 18th century


Percussion pistols
Pár perkusních pistolí

Weber, Hildesheim, Germany, 1830 - 1850
caliber 11 mm

Percussion pistol military equestrian, Lorenz model 1862
Perkusní vojenská jezdecká pistole Lorenz vzor 1862

Ferdinand Fruwirth, Wien, Austria, 1863
caliber 13,9 mm


Percussion revolver system Scheinigg
Perkusní revolver systému Scheinigg

Josef Scheinigg, Ottakring near Wien, Austria, after 1860
caliber 13,9 mm


Stick a dagger in
Dýka v holi

Central Europe, 1st half of 19th century


Turkish/Balkan, 19th century

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